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The Decarbonisation Technology Summit series offer a limited number of partnerships to organisations ready to talk the talk and walk the walk. Thought leadership, advanced insights and the ambition to shape the future are prerequisites; in return we’ll shine a spotlight on your solutions and your brand.


At Chromalox, we develop advanced thermal technologies for the world’s toughest industrial heating applications. We do it better, and we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else. We invented electric heating technology. Chromalox started with an innovative solution 100 years ago when a self-taught engineer invented the first metal-sheathed resistance heating element. It was this then-advanced-thermal-technology that launched an entire industry. That pioneering, innovative spirit continues today. Built on opportunity and innovation, Chromalox has grown to serve an increasing number of global markets and industries. We excel in industries that have high expectations. And we are acknowledged as experts at delivering solutions that exceed specifications, limit risk, and reduce operating costs.  Find out more

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